When to retire and how to apply for pension? Information about public sector pensions, pension amount and how to go forward with diminished work ability.

My pension

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Information about pensions

When to retire and how to apply for pension? Information about the various pension options, pension amount and pension coverage in occupational transitions.

For pension recipients

Information about working while on pension, income limits, pension payment dates and the earnings-related pension card.

Diminished work ability

If your ability to work diminishes and makes it harder for you to cope, it is important to address the issue as early as possible.

Personal wellbeing at work

Taking care of your personal wellbeing at work is important. Good work ability allows you to have a longer career and ultimately receive a higher pension.

Working while on pension

No income limits apply when receiving old-age pension - you can work as much as you want. Several other types of pension are subject to various income restrictions, however.

Pension from Keva?

Keva administers the pensions of public sector employees. If your last job before retirement was with a public-sector employer, your pension is administered by Keva.