Check your pension record

You can see your pension record in the My Pension online service. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Your pension record shows your public- and private-sector employment, earnings and benefits accruing pension.

Always check your pension record before you apply for a pension. The amount of your pension is calculated on the basis of the information in the pension record.

If you have already retired, you will only see the employment relationships beginning since the start of your retirement.

If you need to correct your pension record

If you find any errors or omissions before 2019 in your pension record, please report them in the My Pension online service.

We require reliable information about your employment to enable us to determine your pension entitlement. Please send us a photo or scanned pdf file of your employment certificate, payslips, personal file or similar information via My messages in the My Pension system.

If you are unable to use the My Pension online service, you can also send us the information required by mail to Keva, 00087 KEVA.

Once Keva has established your pension entitlement, we will reply to you either via the My Pension online service or by regular mail.

If the error or omission applies to information in 2019 or later, you should contact your employer. The employer will then correct the information in the Incomes Register and it will be updated after a delay in your Keva pension record.

Information not registered or corrected

Not all work provides pension entitlement, in other words no pension accrues for it and so it is not relevant to the amount of pension you will receive. Such employment is not registered, omissions are not followed up with the employer and there is no need to report them to Keva.

There is no pension entitlement for:

  • employment below the age of 23 until 31 December 2004. However, the lower age threshold was 21 until 31 December 2004 for persons in the service of Kela and until 30 November 1993 for persons in the service of the Bank of Finland.
  • employment below the age of 18 from 2005 to 2016
  • employment below the age of 17 from 2017 onwards
  • municipal/private employment lasting less than 4 months until 30 June1971
  • municipal/private employment lasting less than 1 month from 1 July 1971 to 31 December 1997
  • State, Church and Kela employment lasting less than 1 month until 31 December 1997.

Registration and showing of unpaid periods in a pension record

Information about benefits, studies and childcare providing pension entitlement is usually shown in the pension record after a longer delay than information about wages and salaries. Unpaid benefits are usually not shown until the spring of the following year.

Income from Kela benefits shown in the pension record is the calculated annual income and the income paid from unemployment funds is the monthly income. This is why incomes are not proportional to each other.

Keva does not itself register pension from unpaid periods, studies or childcare periods, but as a rule the payer of the benefits notifies the information to Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Information about degrees and qualifications from educational institutions goes via Kela, which does not register them until the following year. Holders of degrees and qualifications completed outside Finland must notify Kela themselves.

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