Reimbursement of expenses

Keva will reimburse expenses relating to vocational rehabilitation and disability pension application in observance of the recommendations of the Finnish Pension Alliance Tela.

Reimbursement of expenses in vocational rehabilitation

Once your rehabilitation plan has been approved, information on the reimbursements for which you are eligible will be enclosed with your decision.

Apply for reimbursement of expenses using the reimbursement application form (in Finnish).

  • complete the PDF form and save it on your computer
  • print out the completed form, sign it and mail it to the below address (no postage required): Keva Insurance Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit Code 5002580 00003 VASTAUSLÄHETYS

If you have any questions about the reimbursement of expenses, please contact our expense reimbursement team’s service line on +358 20 614 2880

Reimbursement of expenses for rehabilitation benefit extension applications

Keva reimburses disability pension applicants for the reasonable expenses that arise from obtaining the medical statement required for the rehabilitation benefit extension application.

As a rule, we reimburse the costs of obtaining one medical statement B as well as the fee paid for the doctor’s appointment required to prepare the statement. We may also reimburse for the costs of any examinations of ability to function and work ability deemed necessary to determine the potential for vocational rehabilitation.

The following expenses are not reimbursed:

  • travel expenses that relate to obtaining the medical statement to be supplied with the rehabilitation benefit extension application, or to visits to the doctor for this purpose
  • treatment and examination expenses relating to the treatment of an illness
    • the costs of the medical statement B which relate to the processing of a first pension application
    • the application for full disability pension of an applicant on non-fixed term partial disability pension
  • medical statements and the costs of examinations when these relate to appeal
  • the costs of medical statements A, C and E.

Applying for reimbursement

The original invoice indicating the reason for the charge as well as a receipt for payment of the invoice (e.g. printout of payment in online banking) must be enclosed with the application for reimbursement.

  • If you visited a private medical practice and the Kela reimbursement was deducted directly, enclose with your application the receipt for payment for the doctor’s appointment and the medical statement B
  • If you visited a private medical practice but the Kela reimbursement was not deducted directly, enclose with your application the original form entitled "Selvitys lääkärin antamasta hoidosta ja palkkioista" and the receipt for payment. You need not claim reimbursement from Kela because we will reimburse you for the entire amount.
  • If you have already claimed reimbursement of the doctor’s appointment and the medical statement B from Kela, send the relevant Kela decision to Keva. Keva will pay you the difference.

Send the original receipts to Keva within three months of the doctor’s appointment or the issue of the statement.

Reimbursement for further medical reports requested by Keva

If Keva requires further medical reports in order to decide your disability pension application (a new medical statement B or another examination, for example), we will reimburse you for the reasonable costs that arise from acquiring such reports.

In such a case, you will be sent a detailed request for further information. The letter also serves as a payment commitment, meaning that you can ask your physician to submit the further information requested and the invoice directly to Keva.

Any examinations not specified in the request for further information which your physician deems necessary must be agreed in advance by calling our dedicated service number +358 20 614 2880.

The travel expenses associated with obtaining the further reports will be reimbursed according to public transportation tariffs. If public transportation is not an option owing to illness or lack of access, the travel reimbursement will be calculated according to 50% of the maximum allowance per km.