Keva involved in influencing governments’ climate actions

Finance and investment Responsibility
Finance and investment Responsibility

Keva is part of a united front of more than 450 global investors who are calling on governments to curb climate change.

This is an annual way for investors to engage together. This year, a total of around 456 international investors with around USD 41,000 billion of investment assets are involved.

Engagement is a key element in implementing responsible investment at Keva.

”Investor expectations of governments have tightened year after year as the urgency of climate actions has increased,” says Kirsi Keskitalo, Head of Responsible Investment at Keva.

“The statement now signed calls on governments among other things to raise their climate targets, to implement a strong climate policy to reach this target and to commit to reporting climate risks,” she says. National climate targets are seeking to limit global warming to 1.5⁰C and to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Kirsi Keskitalo considers it important to influence governments since government actions create an operating environment for companies to combat climate change.

“Climate change is a systematic level phenomenon, which means that investors can’t hedge against the investment risks it poses by excluding or diversifying their investments. The only way to affect this type of risk is to engage with the actors who are causing climate change,” she says.

Keva is an active owner in its investees and carries out engagement globally through its network of partners and in collaboration with other investors. The means of engagement support the mission of Keva’s investment operations to secure the funding of statutory pension provision.

Keva was first involved in the investor statement to influence governments to curb climate change in 2017. There was no statement last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The statement will be published during the G7 summit of world leaders being held in Great Britain. The statement will be sent to global leaders and form the basis of engagement with governments over 2021, with the statement showcased at COP26.

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