Keva updated its Code of Conduct

Keva Responsibility
Keva Responsibility

Our Code of Conduct, the principles of our way of working, was designed for use by Keva employees in their everyday work.

Keva’s Board of Directors adopted the first Code of Conduct compiled between two covers in 2017. The updated Code of Conduct adopted by the Board of Directors in August 2022 has been actively summarised to make it better suited to a digital environment and easier to read.

The update took primarily content and method of presentation into account. Keva’s employees were chosen to be the primary target group and the CoC has been published in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The operating culture of Keva and other organisations is slow to change. Despite this, the right ways of working need to be thought about and highlighted from time to time. The working group leading the update believes that the Code of Conduct will provide Keva employees with good ideas for their own everyday work.

Many Finnish organisations require their partners to commit to a summarised external CoC for external providers of goods or services. Keva has not drawn up a separate external Code of Conduct in this update round but has now published the Code on its website, where external stakeholders can read it.